Various Overseas Report Services

While the domestic market reduces, in particular expansions of markets in developing countries become the big business chance for Japanese companies, and in order to build its own brands and success businesses the global strategy that accorded with the local situations of each country is necessary.  Through use of expertise and extensive global networks of our strategic partners, KWBS provide following services.  Please feel free to contact us. 


Market Evaluation Services

KWBS provides effective, highly focused and bespoke Market Evaluation Services to allow our clients to make better informed decision making - whether entering new markets or seeking to maintain & improve in current markets.  With a research looked into products, competitors, general and specific markets, financial outlook and potential growth, we build a robust plan for your business, producing a detailed assessment of your product or offering.  The services include Market Research, Investment Climate Research, Market Entry Strategy, Strategic Business and Marketing Planning.


International Business Development

KWBS provides fast, cost-efficient penetration of new markets for our clients.  Our business development services enable clients to take their products to new lucrative export markets with the primary focus of achieving sales and distribution deals with local market partners, and reduce the time to market, the market entry risk and the business development costs.  We provide you with international strategies to encompass the whole activity from sales to marketing to practical elements such as offices and distribution centres, and also identify targets and partners, finalise deal structures and undertake negotiations. 


Investment & Advisory

KWBS provides independent advise to investors seeking to invest in or buy/sell businesses, and to companies looking to raise new finance.  KWBS can source acquisition opportunities and target buyers for its clients from all over the globe, providing support and execute such deals.



Others: Industrial Sector Reports

Currently following industrial sector reports are available for sale.


1. Economic Infrastructure Report (Power, Road, Railways & Telecom Sectors) in India

2. Social Infrastructure Report (Education & Medical/Healthcare Sectors) in India

3. Automobile Industry in India

4. Shipping & Port Sector in India


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