Case Examples

Overseas Market Access/Entry Services:

[United Kingdom]         

  1. Mfg Co. (Electric Parts): Established a JV company for manufacture of wireless & mobile early diagnostic device with a UK company after a 2 years’ collaborative R&D.
  2. Mfg Co. (Electric Parts):  Tested a quick charger and a multi-charger for EVs,   developed by Japanese companies for the European market, at ZCF.  
  3. Logistics: Contracted business of warehousing and logistics operations to PD   Ports.

(Asia/ASEAN Countries)  


  1. Mfg Co. (Consumer Products): Product promotions incl. sampling tests, selection of sales agents, and follow-ups  
  2. Mfg. Co. (Consumer Products): Research of competitors, retailing coverage of      department stores, and hearing with its users



  1. Mfg Co. (Machinery): List up & selection of local companies, aimed contract manufacturing for food processing machines, and its negotiations about various conditions  
  2. Mfg Co. (Machinery): List up & selection of local companies, aimed contract   manufacturing for metal molds, and its negotiations about various conditions


  1. Mfg Co. (Consumer Products): Market research, set-up of an incorporated company, logistics control, and selection of sales agents  
  2. Mfg Co. (Electronic device): FS report on a business model re contract manufacturing in India from a point of taxation and foreign exchange law


  1. Mfg Co. (Textile): List up & selection of local contract manufacturers, and           arrangement of study tours  
  2. Mfg Co. (Housing): List up & selection of local sales agents, negotiations about its various conditions, and closing.           


  1. Retailing Co.:  Market research, development of store, etc.  
  2. Mfg. Co. (Foods):  Marketability report, sample tests, etc    


       – Service Co. (Education): Research on market size, competitors, supply chain, 


  1. Mfg Co. (Parts): Marketability research (sales structure, price, contract               manufacturing, etc), set up of incorporated company, employment, work           permission, arrangement of office & housing  
  2. Mfg Co. (Machinery): Selection of sales agent, set up of incorporated               company, permissions on plant & production, employment, work-permission 


  1. Service Co. (Real Estate): Market entry report re housing for a wealthy class in collaboration with local developers  
  2. Mfg Co. (Paints): List up of potential sales agents and negotiation with its         candidate companies         


  1. Mfg Co. (Foods): Services for exhibiting a local Expo and follow-up activities  
  2. Mfg. Co. (Machinery): Arrangement of study tour and FS & entry barrier     research  



       – Mfg Co. (Precision Machinery): Support for setting up an incorporated company and           obtaining various permissions and licenses     

[Saudi Arabia]

       – Mfg. Co. (Consumer Products): Research on local preference with press-interviews

Japan Market Access/Entry Services:

[Japan Roadshow]    

  • MIRA Technology Park (UK): Search of contract R&D partners
  • Nanotech Mission (Northern Ireland): Search of technology transfer partners
  • German Railway Association Mission (Germany): Search of sale destination
  • Medical Equipment Mission (USA): Search of sales destination    
  • Washington State College Mission (USA): Event participation aimed to increase students from overseas and meetings with its placement agencies    
  • Building Materials Mission (USA): Arrangements of seminars & individual consultations in Japan    
  • SMRT (Singapore Metro): Facility investigation of Japanese companies under tender    
  • Consulting Co. (India): Arrangements of a seminar, individual meetings, a press-interview in Japan, etc              

[Supports for Setting up a Company in Japan & its Related Services]        

  • Precision Machinery Maker (UK): An incorporated company, office, and staff recruitment, etc    
  • Software Development & Sales Co. (USA): A liaison office, office, and staff recruitment
  • Trading firm (China): An incorporated company, office, working visa, and staff recruitment

 [Supports on Searching Sales Agents & Negotiation for Closing]      

  • Depilatory device for women (USA)  
  • Training equipment for medical-use (USA)    
  • Financial derivative software (USA)  
  • Foods (Belgium)  
  • Foods (Chile)    
  • Raw materials for industrial plastics (Singapore)  
  • Foods (Singapore)    
  • Building materials (Norway)  
  • Interiors (Netherlands), etc

株式会社KWBS マーケティング & トレーディング

 代表者: 代表取締役/CEO 曇雅夫

 Masao Kumori,  President/CEO


所在地 (Address): 〒105-0022




21F Shiodome Shiba-Rikyu Bldg, 1-2-3 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan


TEL: +81 (0)3-5403-5948        MOBILE: +81(0)90-1210-8755 


代表/受付時間: 09:00~17:00



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