Supporting Business for Overseas Developments

In contract to the shrinking Japanese market, markets overseas, espacially the expanding markets of newly emerging countries, are offering tremendous business opportunities for Japanese firms.  If corporations are to establish their own local business networks and succeed, global strategies closely attuned to the respective local circumstances are imperative. 

KWBS Marketing & Trading collaborates with local strategic partners around the world to support Japanese companies that are aspiring to advance into North and south America, Asisa and ASEAN countries, and we also support companies around the world to enter into the Japanese market.  Specifically, we provide the following support services with the aim of shortening lead time to market lanuch and reducing market entry risks.

1. Market entry support service:

Local market researach; local site tours; support service for exhibiting at trade shows including arranging meetings; arrangements of seminars, business meetings and test marketing; B2B alliance (matching with local trade/sales agents and distributors, supporting conclusion of contracts), etc.

2. Business investment support service:

Business/investment climate information; information on properties for plant construction and offices; information on subsidies and other incentives; arrangement of local site tours; agency services for incorporation and license/approval application; referral to local tax accountant office, etc.

3. Providing information on global M&A opportunities


[Past Business Projects]

  - Provision of our services to over 30 projects of Japanese companies                             - Please refer to case examples for details.


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