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On May 31, 2018, KWBS concluded a contract with Minnesota Trade  Office, Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) on "Attracting FDIs from the Japanese market and promoting exports to the Japanese market" and we started the activities from June 1, 2018.


Business & Investment Climate in Minnesota

[Basic Information]

  • Governor: Mark Dayton

  • Major Industries: Medical Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Commerce, Agriculture (grain: corn & soy) and livestock farming (pork)

  • GDP: US$335,100 million (2016)

  • Personal Income per capita: US$52,117 (2016)

  • Unemployment Rate: 3.1% (Dec., 2017)

  • Export: US$19,988 million (Canada: 22%, Mexico: 12%, China: 9%, Japan: 6%, Germany: 4% and others)

Due to the nature with many lakes and abundant forests and the high standard of living environment, mainly in the Mississippi River that traverses North America, one of the four great rivers in the world, Minnesota has been continuously " Easy living state "has been elected. This ease of living is more likely to promote the creation of a work environment boasting abundant and outstanding human resources and advanced technology, further enhancing people's education, intellectual property, volunteer spirit, etc.


The state of Minnesota always includes the unemployment rate below the average of the US, the root of the power to support a rich life, the top companies in each industry that continue a strong and active business environment to the global market are based in Minnesota.  Medical device companies, MedTronics, St. Jude Medical, United Healthcare Group, 3M promoting advanced technology, long-established General Mills in the flour milling industry, Excel Energy of nationwide wind power supply, distribution famous companies in the industry, such as Super Value and others, US Bancorp, Target, Best Buy, Ecolab, etc., are developing business globally from the state of Minnesota. In addition to domestic companies, companies in the world including Japan, Germany, the UK, France, Finland and elsewhere in Europe, Israel, India, Australia etc. are based in Minnesota State for market expansion and business promotion. 

Business Environment: A wide range of industries such as medical, high-tech, bioscience, manufacturing industries, finance, food processing and distribution have built balanced economic soil, and even in the global economic imbalance, the unemployment rate holds lower than it in the national average. The University of Minnesota, one of the nation's leading universities, has recently recorded patent applications that exceed the university's forecast index, and is active in industry-academia collaboration with companies. Furthermore, not only large companies but also small and medium-sized enterprises are the forerunners of technological innovation in new fields such as biomedical and 3D printing.


Logistics - Transportation base and location:  Minneapolis · St. Paul International Airport is a nationwide hub airport, making it a gateway to domestic cities from a convenient location with less than 3.5 hours of travel time. In addition, direct flights are conveniently connected to Europe and Canada cities, including Delta Airlines which operates daily direct flights to Tokyo. In addition, the interstate highways connecting the whole of the United States and the railway networks are also fulfilling a rich business environment. 


Business incentives: In Minnesota, there are tax reduction systems on investment and expenses at manufacturing bases that have advanced from overseas and are other various support.


High quality living: The consumption tax of Minnesota State is about 2% lower than the big cities on the east and west coast, and the things which are regarded as daily necessities such as clothing and food are free from economic features. Like the Minneapolis Minnesota's largest city, which has been regarded as one of the safest cities in the United States, "Friendly" of people called "Minnesota Nice", it fosters ease of living in terms of safety. It is also known for its high educational standards and enthusiasm and maintains a family environment with quality. 

  • By the US Department of Commerce Economic Analysis Bureau, Minnesota is listed as one of the fastest growing states in the country.

  • Minnesota State is ranked No. 1 in the United States by CNBC 's "best for business" state ranking survey 2015, a business news broadcasting station.

  • Numerous medical achievements such as the success of the first cardiac surgery, the development of the first pacemaker, the success of the first bone marrow transplantation, including Mayo Clinic of Minnesota, the world prestigious hospital, are left behind.

  • The University of Minnesota is ranked second in the nation for business development through industry-academia collaboration is said to be active

For more details, please visit https: //mn.gov/deed/. If you have further requests or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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