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On May 13th, 2014 KWBS concluded a traustee agreement with Wavteq Ltd. (Representative: Henry Lowendahl), an exclusive strategic partner, for FDI promotional activities of Louisiana Development as its Japan office from 1st June, 2014.


Business & Investment Climate in Louisiana

【Basic Information】

 Governor:       John Bel Edwards

 Major Industries:  Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace,

                             Energy, Process Industries,

                             Agri-business, Water Management

                             and Software/IT Industries

 GDP:             US$237 billion (2016)

 Personal Income per capita:  US$42,298 (2016)

 Unemployment Rate:            4.7% (November, 2017)

 Export:                                US$48,419 million (2016)

 Import:                               US$32,424 million (2016) 


Louisiana is ranked as a top 5 state for business friendliness. Its overall business costs are lower than the Southeast and U.S.


It is strategically located in the Gulf-South United States.  Louisiana has: 

  • 7 commercial/primary airports
  • 6 interstate highways
  • 27 ports including 13 inland, 6 deep-draft and 8 coastal ports
  • Also, is one of two sites in the U.S. where all six of North America's class-one railroads converge

These unrivaled infrastructure makes possible to access domestic and international markets effectively.


Also, industrial electricity, natural gas and water are abundant and the prices are very low with highly skilled workforce and competitive incentives.


Following traditional and emerging industries are growing in Louisiana.  A highly productive and motivated workforce, low taxes, unrivaled infrastructure and logistics, a pro-business climate and the nation's best workforce recruitment and training program LED FastStart provide a competitive advantage. 


Louisiana's FDI performance has consistently improved since 2003.


- Total jobs related to FDI: 27,107

- Average FDI projects per year: 10

- Total CAPEX on FDI projects: US$37 billion

- Average new jobs per FDI project: 271


From Japan, Shin-Etsu Chemical, Bridgestone, Chugoku Marine Paint, Denka, Kanematsu, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, etc have chosed Louisiana for manufacture.  Also, in March 2018, Fuji Oil Group Holdings has announced to establish Fuji Oil New Orleans, LLC for manufacture of vegetable oils in Louisiana.


For more information about Louisiana, please visit investment climate in Louisiana

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