Sunderland City Council

On 20th February 2014, KWBS concluded a service contract agreement effective from April 2014 with Sunderland City Council in the UK, as its Japan office for inward investment, promotional activities and services, including:


1.     Foreign direct investment from the Japan market into Sunderland City, UK

2.     Aftercare services to Japanese investors in the city


The Japan office will provide potential investors with following services at no charge:


  • Provision of information such as investment climate in Sunderland including funding and finance advice, land and property search;
  • Arrangement of inward visits to Sunderland;
  • Provision of strategic after-care programme to inward investors


We keep all of FDI projects and discussions strictly confidential.


Investing in Sunderland is a low risk, high reward opportunity for any business, the city has a strong heritage of making things well, and a proven track record in attracting supporting and nurturing successful enterprises from manufacturing to new technologies.

The city is one of the UK’s most popular destinations for foreign direct investment, with Japanese companies being the biggest source of this investment.  Eight Japanese companies have located to the city employing a total of 11,000 people, currently all in the automotive industry, including Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK, Calsonic Kansei Ltd, Unipres Ltd and Vantec Europe Ltd.


The city has developed its economy around key sectors including – automotive, offshore and subsea, and software. 

The city lies at the heart of the UK’s foremost automotive manufacturing region.  Since Nissan Motor Manufacturing located in the city in 1986, Sunderland has attracted a strong supply chain of component manufacturers alongside the company’s Sunderland plant, employing over 28,000 people in the industry across the city and the North East Region.  These supply not only Nissan, Europe's most productive car plant, but also Jaguar Landrover, VW, GM and Ford. The strength of the automotive sector means that the city offers world-class facilities in traditional and low carbon vehicle production, and an experienced workforce who have an unrivalled reputation for productivity, loyalty and commitment.

Sunderland is open for business, open to business, with a comprehensive transport infrastructure, a deep-sea port, two regional airports and easy access to north-south road and rail routes.  The attractions are strong, solid and proven. Put simply, we believe Sunderland is the easiest place in the UK to do business.


Nissan relationship with Sunderland City Council:


“Sunderland City Council has got a good international feel of how to work with global companies, and have supported global projects…They have links to national government to help support projects such as the LEAF where they actually wrote on our behalf to government supporting the case”.


Trevor Mann, Chief Performance Officer, Nissan Motor Manufacturing


Takao Suzuki, CEO of Hitachi Transport System said: "It is great news to celebrate significant new contracts for Vantec Europe and new jobs, as well as remarkable progress with the construction of the new warehouse. We are delighted that Vantec is receiving strong support from Sunderland City Council and the NE Local Enterprise Partnership."


Photograph (left)

Fintan Knight, vice president for Infiniti Europe, Middle East and Africa and Trevor Mann, Chief Performance Officer, Nissan Motor Manufacturing at the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Sunderland Nissan plant extension

Photograph (right)

CEO of Hitachi Transport System with Sunderland Council Leader Paul Watson, Vantec Managing Director, Martin Kendal and Shinya Hannya from Vantec Corporation during a site visit from The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

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